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1.    8號颱風訊號懸掛之前,所有課堂照常上課。
2.    家長可自行決定小朋友是否到校上課。
3.    8號颱風訊號懸掛後,所有課堂將會取消。
4.    「8號颱風訊號」取消後,所有課堂將於兩小時後開課。
5.    因天氣惡劣而取消之課堂,恕不補課或退款。




  • 正午12時的課堂將會取消。

  • 所有於下午12時10分之後開課的課堂將如常上課。

Typhoon No.8 and Black Rainstorm Arrangements

1.    All classes will continue until typhoon No. 8 is hoisted.
2.    Parents can make their own decision for their child to attend the class or not
3.    All classes will stop when typhoon No. 8 is hoisted.
4.    All classes will resume 2 hours after typhoon No. 8 is lowered.
5.    There will be no make-up class or refund for classes under these circumstances.

For example :
If typhoon No. 8 is lowered at 10:10am –
-    Class at 12:00 noon will not be commenced.
-    All classes commencing from 12:10pm onward will be held as scheduled.

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